My Philosophy

I strongly believe that achieving real health & well-being, and a body you love, is only possible as the result of a healthy & sustainable lifestyle – especially when the goal is to maintain these results for a lifetime!

I have studied the field of optimal body composition, health & well-being for nearly 10 years now and during this time worked with hundreds of people. And what I have found is that a custom-tailored approach, focusing not only on training & nutrition, but psychology and all other areas of life, paired with constant support and accountability is by far the most effective method. 

The results I have achieved with countless of my clients, that had unsuccessfully tried to lose weight for years, doing all the diets out there & more, proves that my Sustainable Lifestyle Method works.

However, as this approach requires true customization and working closely with each of my clients, I am deliberately working with only a handful of clients to deliver a premium service.

This is not your fix cookie-cutter program, promising you the solution to all your problems in no time and to a price so cheap you can’t say no.
And, I don’t work with anyone for less than 6 months.. 

However, if you commit, you will achieve lasting results, and it will be the last program you’ll ever need.

Want to know more?

ABOUT My Coaching

Why me?

So, what it is that differentiates me from all of the other ‘coaches’ in the fitness industry?

First of all, I care. A lot.
I am 100% committed to all my clients achieving their goals! I am happy to provide plenty of references beyond those on the video testimonials, if desired.

Second, I can help those who have tried everything and where nothing else has worked before.
Over the past 10 years, I have developed a unique coaching approach that combines knowledge from a vast array of fields into one all-encompassing program with an outstanding success rate.

And last but not least, my program is the last one you’ll ever need!
And when I say that I mean it. My coaching strongly focuses on educating my clients and creating a lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable. This is the secret to lasting results!

Education / Credentials

Besides my personal practical experience and spending more than 10 000 hours reading, researching & studying over the past 10 years, I have done multiple courses & attended seminars. Here are some of them:

  • BSc hons Physiotherapy (from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • IFAA Fitness Trainer C & B License
  • IFAA TRX Trainer
  • IFAA Nutritionist C-License
  • Neurotyping Course by Christian Thibaudeau
  • Intelligent Strength Institute ‘Fat-free Mass’ Seminar
  • Human Performance Conference 2018 Seminar
  • M10 ‘Training the Average Joe’ seminar
  • M10 ‘Body Transformation’ seminar
  • Thriveducation ‘Testosterone, Estrogen & Thyroid’ Seminar
  • Thriveducation ‘Lower Body Hypertrophy’ Seminar
  • Fitness Business Mastery 12-Month Mentorship
  • M10 6-Month Personal Training Mentorship
  • Currently enrolled at Carter Institute: 12-Month Functional Medicine & Nutrition Health Course


My Background

  • Born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Studied Physical Therapy at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
  • Living in California in my dream place, California, since May 2019.
  • >13 years of personal experience with training, nutrition, life & health optimization.
  • >8 years of experience working with clients.

My Fitness History

  • I have done 3 Classic Bodybuilding competitions in the Netherlands.
  • Greatest success: winning my class and the overall title in my category (Classic Bodybuilding) at the Enercup 2016.


It is my life’s mission to help men and women achieve their health, life & fitness goals and maintain them for a lifetime, by creating a sustainable & enjoyable healthy lifestyle!

My vision is to impact as many people as possible and contribute in some way to their pursuit of creating a greater life for themselves!

I hope that one day people will realize that being in shape & living a healthy life is so much easier than all the confusion, intentionally caused by the food, diet & pharmaceutical industries, makes it seem.

All it requires is to once commit for a short period of time to learning what you need – and you can live a much greater life than you’re used to – for the rest of your life!