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What my clients are saying


Till has been my Coach for over 2 years. I have worked as a personal trainer myself and worked with trainers for the last 20+ years. Till is simply the best in the business. His knowledge and skills go far beyond the scope of strength training. As a single mom, working 14 hour days and more, I know that I have to prioritize my health to be my best self for my son, friends, and colleagues. Soon to be 50 years old, I have never felt so strong, centered, and powerful. What’s more, through following Till’s plan, the advanced arthritis in my knees no longer prevents me from doing all kinds of exercise with far less pain. Till has helped me outside my training with a multitude of things, including nutrition & meal prep skills, vitamin supplements, stress management, and more! Everybody needs a Till!

Catherine Zinn
Chief Client Officer, Orrick

Till was recommended to me by a good friend and he’s been a huge help. My work schedule and the pandemic make it hard to find time for training, but the online coaching with Till has been great. He tailored the training program exactly to my needs and the equipment I have available at home, plus he’s been incredibly flexible and accommodating. Outside of the training, his strategies and supplement recommendation to improve sleep, cognitive function and energy have been fantastic. I’m very thankful for his expertise and guidance, and do highly recommend him!

Glynna Christian
Partner & Co-Head, Orrick

I have been working with Till for several months now and it’s amazing how to see how thorough & dedicated he is and how he keeps challenging me! He is so good at making me feel like my progress is his progress. He has also made me see results, which is the most important to me! I am loving these new muscles that I am seeing, and I feel very proud of what I’ve accomplished. I’m excited  because what he is doing is clearly working! There isn’t one thing I can think of I don’t like about the training!

Personal Trainer

Working with Till has been the most successful path to my gut health. I lost my colon 30 years ago and have struggled to find foods and medicine to reduce the never-ending digestive issues and I have never felt better in that regard. A total miracle in my book that doctors were never able to help with. Also, my goal when I first started working with you was to lose 15-20 pounds and get lean and stabilize the weight loss. I exceeded that goal thanks to Till and am using what I learned from him every day. I really feel like I’m a new person. He’s the best!!!

Michelle McKeown
Sales Specialist at Orrick

I have been working with Till for the last 9 months and has introduced me to a whole new healthy way of living. These changes have evolved into confidence in my every day life, personally and professionally. So grateful for Till and the impact his coaching has made in my health and fitness.

Angela Ty
Partner at KPMG

My transformation is not only about weight loss – it is way more. Thanks to Till I learned how to train properly with weights, how to track my calories/macros, many things about nutrition and daily habits that were crucial during my fitness journey. I’ve lost only around 15 pounds but my body completely changed – I also noticed that my skin, hair, nails look better, I even got rid of cellulite! I was really surprised how fast my body & mind reacted to my new lifestyle. Physical changes are big but also my mental health is on another level right now. Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or maybe more advanced but stopped seeing results, with him you can save a lot of time since he knows exactly what to do to help you achieve your goals. Till is the kind of a coach that will motivate and teach you how to do everything by yourself in the future. I learned so many things from him that now, after two years I decided to become a personal trainer myself. Highly recommended!

Joanna Cukierska
Fitness Influencer

Within just a few weeks of working with Till I have been feeling the best I have ever felt in my life. For the first time ever have I been able to maintain my focus and sharpness while studying and to work 15-hour days without crashing. I struggle with PCOS and gut health issues, which have been greatly improved since I started the coaching. I love the workouts, I am feeling so much stronger an no more drained from all the cardio. I really enjoy the check/ins and the feedback that also focuses on tips for stress reduction, sleep improvement and more. I’ve learned a lot in such a short time and excited about all that is yet to come!

Eslly Hernandez

Till’s coaching was a great way for me to get my life in order and allow me to maximize myself as a whole before launching my business. It helped with my schedule, my routines, my mentality, my diet, my exercise and workouts, my sleep, supplements, etc. The program provided me with the proper systems and structure that I needed to develop and implement in order to maximize myself as I move forward in life. I think that a lot of people like me would benefit from something like this.
The most valuable part of the program for me was the structure and consistency that it provided to my life. 
My biggest takeaway is the fact that I have a lot more control over my life than I realized. I really do feel the best that I have in a long time, simply by making a lot of small, manageable adjustments, and adding proper structure and consistent routines into my life. While I am only now just beginning of tapping into the right formulas for success, the program has taught me the huge benefits that some of the smallest things can have in your life

Jason Goldeen
Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer

The way the coaching program was structured exceeded my expectations. The weekly progress or additional habits was the perfect amount to not be overwhelmed but still requires you to be committed and disciplined.
I will keep following my habits and I am certain it will help me to reach my goals. My life is definitely healthier, more focused, and more structured. My awareness for living more healthy is increased and helps me to make better choices e.g. in terms of nutrition.
Till’s width and depth of knowledge are incredible and were essential for me to be more productive and take my business and life to the next level. We successfully established habits tailored to my busy working schedule and side projects. I can recommend Till’s services to anyone who wants to live healthier and achieve more in life.

Florian Philippi
Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon

Through the coaching program I have learned to boost my mood up by myself, and to be more thankful and confident with things I am doing.
I think this program will positively impact my life going forward in many ways. Listing and visualizing my goals will keep me on track and showed me again how badly I do not want to work my actual job and change paths into the health industry. I actually started a nutrition course to make sure I will start to make a change now.
For me, this coaching was a very nice and valuable experience. I am more energetic, feel healthier, and finally started to crush my goals. I have started to live an overall healthier life that is not just about training and nutrition but also about the well-being of my mind and how to influence it actively.

Benny Gründler

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